Green Bay vs Detroit

Green Bay vs Detroit : How to Watch NFL Football game of Monday Night Football. Odds against Packers vs. Leo, straight: Monday night football selection, forecast. The advanced SportsLine computer model on Monday simulates 10,000 Lions vs. Packers games.

When the football match with the Detroit Lions was held at Green Bay on Monday night, the Packers team will strive to achieve great victories and put an end to fierce competition with northern rivals NFC. This is the last game of the 6th week of the NFL.

Eight days ago, Aaron Jones finished all matches with an impressive victory over the “Cowboys” with a score of 34-24, and Aaron Rogers still stands for “Green Bay”. The latter leads to 100-72-7. The Lions said goodbye after the first defeat, because the Emirates won 34-30 victories in the last game of Detroit. Lambo Field is 8:15 p.m. ET.

Green Bay is a favorite by 3.5 points, a sharp drop from the beginning of 6th place, and in the last Packers vs Lions ratios, the overall Over-Under score is 45.5. Before linking the Lions vs. Packers talents, you need to look at the NFL forecasts in the SportsLine projection model.

A model can simulate 10,000 NFL games per game. Since its inception four years ago, it has offered almost $ 7,000 as a reward for its NFL rating for $ 100. He nailed the last draft of the NFL and entered the 6th week of the 2019 NFL, which is strong and can be traced back to last season. This can also be traced back to the 2017 season on the NFL’s high-level selection list of 85-57. In the fifth week, he left rams (+1.5) within a U-turn to counter the shelter of sea hawks and Texans (-4) to make room for falcons.

For the third year in a row, the model is among the top ten NFLPickWatch ten times in a row in the top ten NFLPickWatch and won 96% of the office billiards CBS Sports. Anyone who follows this will move on.

Now he has broken the lion and packer. We can tell you that it is at the bottom point, it created an option against the price difference and performed more than 50% of the simulation. Elections are available only at SportsLine.

The model knows that the packer significantly improved Johns’ performance on the cowboy when he threw 107 yards and 4 touchdowns and added 7 catches to 75 yards. His appearance could ease the pressure on quarterback Aaron Rogers, who went through a 1307-yard pass and six touchdowns, and one interception was completed. In the absence of the best passerby missed, Davante Adams, the latter missed a football match Monday night due to a toe injury, and Rogers completed a pass against nine different tricks against Dallas.

The overall defense of the Packers’ team ranks 22nd, but their opportunism, 15 shots and a turnover speed of 7. Their seven interceptions reached the total number last season. Midfielder Preston Smith took third place in the league with 5.5 bags and chose the draft, and Zadarius Smith – sixth with 5 bags.

However, the fact that Green Bay seems to have found a balance in the attack does not mean that he will cover the Packers vs Lions team during a Monday night football match.

The Lions won a series of victories from four games in the series, but Rogers missed two games in 2017 due to a collarbone fracture and was expelled in the season finale last season due to a concussion. Rogers had 13-5 records against the Lions in his career, he only had 6 interceptions, he had a record of 4,526 yards and there were 37 touchdowns. Rogers also has its own story, because the favorite is 19-7, and the gap between these teams in the last 26 games is small.

Packers’ defense is talented across the field, with Blake Martinez having 55 hits in the sixth week and third in the NFL. Preston Smith finished third with 5.5 bags, and Zadarius Smith ranks sixth with 5. The packer had 3 bags and 3 interceptors last week, and turnover varied widely.

So who won the Lions Packers in a Monday night football match? On which side of the spread can you model more than 50%? Visit SportsLine today to find out how you influenced Lions and Packers on Monday, which is 85-57 in the NFL’s top draft.