College football 2019 picks, schedule: Predictions Live Week 7

Given that there are four games between the top 25 teams, the seventh week of the college football season may be the first to split on Saturday.6th place in Oklahoma and 11th place in Texas fought in the Red River showdown (noon, FOX), and that game had a huge impact on Big 12. Texas A & M ranked 24th and hosted Alabama First (CBS, 3:30 pm) in the afternoon of CBS. In prime time,

another major SEC clash took place between the Louisiana State University (LSU), the fifth US state, and the seventh state of Florida, United States (20h, ESPN). There are also ten major battles between the 10th Pennsylvania State University and the 17th Iowa (19:30 CBA). It’s a full weekend
Texas A & M # 24, first place in Alabama (-17.5) – 3:30 pm CBS: This year’s “Red Tide” defense ability has not yet reached its high level, but the coach The crew Nick Saban is quite capable of stopping the Texas A & M raid. Can Kellen Mond do all the work herself? He has many collaborators, including Jhamon Ausbon and Quartney Davis, but this time is not enough. Alabama will invite Texas A & M to seek a fast lead, forcing Mond to prevail, using pressure to make mistakes and retire in the fourth quarter to win and be late. Choice: Alabama (-17.5) – Barrett Salisbury
Since the beginning of the season, after several high level competitions in recent weeks, five of them have been proposed in the seventh week and should be brought to the attention of the university rugby community before the end of the season. Saturday night. Not only did the best opponents have four comparisons, but the seventh ranked Death Valley in Florida, Louisiana State University (LSU), ranked fifth, was in the top 10 of the nights. Duel One day began when Red River confronted the first Alabama to travel to Texas. A & M placed second and quickly took part in the SEC Western Hot War. The top ten giants also post excellent performances: Notre Dame, number 9, has a team from the University of Southern California and hopes to bounce back after a bad start in 2019.

The action starts from day to night and continues until late at night. Let’s take a look at the biggest games of the calendar on Saturday, as well as our choices of college football and the predictions that will be broadcast during these games. The football experts from our CBS Sports Academy have chosen every game, whether it’s a straight line game or a deficit game, which gives you ample opportunity to decide how to choose before you start.

Oklahoma No. 6 (-10.5) vs. Texas 11 – Noon on Fox: In general, the two-digit gap between two high-ranking teams will make I paused, but Texas shots were reasonable. Longhorns’ defensive line can put pressure on Jalen Hurts, making him unable to read, and the offense can keep him 60 minutes of defense. I’m not sure they will be able to include all these options so that they can take the lead in Sooners. As a well-trained runner, the damage adds to the offensive advantage of Oklahoma, and everything else revolves around that. I’ll cover 10.5 points with the Longhorns, but I can not quite convince myself to straighten it. Draft pick: Texas + 10.5-Ben Kchevar